Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP2

You may have already heard Eminem’s latest song “Berzerk”, to be on the record “Marshall Mathers LP2” due for release 5th of November 2013. Daily Dope are stoked about this already liking the single release as well as the record “survival” which has been made for the upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts game.

eminem su

We here are a couple of facts about Eminem You may not know. Failing Ninth grade three times, Eminem dropped out and continued to study the dictionary, helping him to become the lyrical genius he is today.

Eminem failed a contest in 1997 called the Rap Olympics in his early career before being signed. At this competition a mysterious fan asked for a demo tape unknown by Marshall this person worked for huge record label Interscope records.

The Demo tape managed to make its way to Dre, who at the time was one of Interscope’s bigger acts as part of NWA representing a lot of main Gangster Hip hop music.

Dre loved the tape and asked for Eminem to be brought in, at the time not realising that Eminem was white. At the first meeting Dre sat in silence and what you can only assume is shock and ended up giving Eminem the chance he deserved and helping mould him into what he is today.

Thank fuck for Dre.


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